Knowledge Worker Productivity

Intellilink is a management consulting firm that improves the productivity of knowledge worker organizations.

Knowledge worker organizations are fast becoming the dominant force in leading economies. They can be found within major corporations such as the marketing, IT, finance and HR departments. They can also be found as separate organizations such as advertising agencies, consulting firms, software companies and hospitals.

The characteristic that all these entities have in common is that they deliver value to their customers by coordinating the efforts of skilled “knowledge workers”. They typically do not produce a physical product. The knowledge workers themselves can be thought of as the product.  The management of these organizations is a complex undertaking and the techniques used to manage companies in the past are often no longer suitable. The challenge that many of these organizations currently face is to improve performance while maintaining a dynamic and creative work environment.

Intellilink helps knowledge worker organizations improve productivity by redesigning & automating business processes, implementing organizational change programs, coaching executives and introducing software. Our consultants are thought leaders in their field and we possess cutting-edge assessment models, automation tools, and best practices. We have worked with the world’s leading organizations across numerous different geographies.

Intellilink was founded in New York in August 2000. The firm now maintains offices in Amsterdam, Singapore, and Sydney in addition to New York City.

Intellilink Senior Executives:
Patrick Boylan, President & CEO
Fumiko Kondo, Managing Director



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