Advertising Agencies

“I need to automate to meet changing client needs.”

The advertising industry has undergone dramatic changes over the last few years. Globalization and market consolidation have caused a spike in client demands for new, innovative, “outside-the-box” thinking that integrates multiple disciplines, multiple languages, and multiple mediums – whether it’s product placement on prime-time shows or web-based advertising and promotions.

At the same time, clients are exercising a tighter rein on spending, demanding more – more time, more talent, more impact – from every dollar they spend, and transitioning from retainer arrangements to job-based contracts. In some cases, long-time client relationships are being quickly traded in favor of a “best service for lower price” trend. In response, our Project Financial Management service offering can help you obtain the financial information you need so that you can assess and respond to each client appropriately.

Faced with these new challenges, ad agencies are reexamining their business models and improving internal operations with information systems that increase automation & control. However, technology can only go so far. The true value of any agency is the creative talent that lies within and the effective management of the creative workforce is the key to performance. Our Talent Management for Success service offering can help improve the management of these resources.

Intellilink works closely with ad agencies to improve their operations in these demanding times. We combine ad industry experience with expertise in the best practices and operations of the world’s leading professional services organizations, helping clients effectively redesign their business processes, select and implement appropriate technology, and manage change across the agency.

With solutions from Intellilink, advertising agencies can:

  • Transform their business operations to effectively address changing client demands… while maintaining profitability
  • Gain insight into the financial value of client-driven projects to improve project spending and decision-making
  • Improve client reporting to improve service levels, streamline communications, and build long-term relationships
  • Manage their workforce more effectively to ensure that recruiting and talent management practices are targeted to client and job needs

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