Best Practice: Obtain the optimum balance of skill sets & experiences on a project team


When allocating resources to a project, review the project team as a whole rather simply one individual at a time.  Final assignments to the project should consider the strengths & weakness of the team as a whole.  For example, if a project requires 3 developers with 5 years of experience but these types of resource are not readily available, consider using 2 senior developers and 1 junior developer.  Additionally, complementary behaviors could be taken into account as well.


  • Increases the flexibility of resource allocation by increasing staffing options.
  • Improves the performance of the project team.

Implementation Considerations

  • Consider utilizing a methodology, such as Myers-Briggs to predict team dynamics.  It is important to note that such tests are merely indicators and should not be treated as definitive predictors.
  • An alternative to behavioral indicators is to track the success of the team.  For successful teams, attempt to put the same individuals together on future projects.
  • To increase the value added by the resource manager, he/she should provide feedback on the strengths & weaknesses of the team, which will enable the manager to proactively manage the team.


  • Number of potential teams per project