Business Intelligence for Project Organizations

Business Intelligence for Project Organizations
“I need to gather intelligence from virtually every department in my organization – yet I have no way of capturing this information. How can I get the data I need to make critical business decisions?”

The problem: Most project based organizations operate with limited information about their operations.

Whether a knowledge worker organization consists of one department or many, most will find that there is no consistent method in place for capturing and tracking information – from activity reports to budget data to performance metrics.

The solution: Business Intelligence for Project Organizations delivers the information needed to run a project organization.

Whether it’s resource utilization, project timeframes, portfolio dashboards, or workforce capabilities, access to accurate business intelligence is critical to the effective operation of a knowledge worker organization.

While technology is an important part of business intelligence, it will not offer much help without first understanding and documenting how information is obtained… what information must be tracked… and what format will be most useful.

Our approach starts with a definition of the performance metrics required by the organization. The best practices that form part of the Business Intelligence for Project Organizations offering can be used to identify a number of critical performance indicators for the area of the organization under study. These indicators can then be expanded out into operational metrics.

In order to deploy a business intelligence capability the main sources of enterprise information will need to be defined.  It will be important to determine whether or not existing sources and processes can be used to support the organization’s future business intelligence needs.

If appropriate, technology solutions can then be considered. Depending on the need these can vary from small custom applications to large package solutions.

Through a combination of business analysis, process improvement and system deployment, Business Intelligence for Project Organizations can streamline the process of creating, finding, and using information, providing management with complete operational insight and control.

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