• Overview

    Intellilink Brochure
  • Robotic Transformation

    Robotic Transformation Brochure
  • PeoplePM Training Course

    Improving the people skills of project managers
  • Transform IT Governance

    IT Governance Transformation Brochure
  • Enterprise Marketing Management Foundation

    Enterprise marketing management foundation
  • Improve HR Program Management

    HR Program Management Software
  • HR Roadmap Brochure

    HR Roadmap Brochure
  • Sapphire for Succession Planning

    HR Roadmap Brochure


Intellilink prides itself on being a different kind of consulting firm.

Our consultants are not only challenged by client engagements but also given the opportunity to shape the future of the firm. Our emphasis on the value of the knowledge worker has contributed to the creation of a dynamic and team-driven environment. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect, so much so that we share virtually all company information at our Quarterly Meetings & Dinners – you’ll be amazed what you see.

In addition to a flexible work environment, Intellilink offers an excellent, performance-driven compensation structure.

To find out more information or to send us your resume, please contact us at info@intellilink.com.

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