Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software does more than just automate business processes. It presents organizations with exciting opportunities to rethink business models and past outsourcing decisions.

RPA allows organizations to cost effectively undertake work locally by combining experienced nearshore resources with robotic software. Basically, provide better service with nearshore resources who manage robots to do the work for the same (or less) total cost as the traditional outsourced model.

There are many reasons to consider nearshoring:

  • Your internal business partners require better customer service than your outsource vendor can provide
  • The outsourcing initiative has not met business case objectives because the total cost (particularly retained staff) of outsourcing is not as low as originally planned
  • The contractual relationship with your outsource vendor is complex and time consuming
  • The morale & performance of your entire organization would improve by bringing work back

Intellilink can help. We have the expertise to assess your current business model and identify opportunities for nearshoring. Our Right-Shoring Assessment Methodology can be customized to your specific situation and will produce three main deliverables:

  • A detailed assessment of the process areas that can be nearshored
  • A transition plan outlining how the work can be nearshored
  • A business case outlining the cost benefit of the nearshoring initiative

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