Case Study: Create, Deploy and Analyze Global Leadership Survey

Client: Global Financial Services Firm

Function: HR Department

Project: Create, Deploy and Analyze Global Leadership Survey

The Challenge

One of the largest financial services firms in the world wanted to assess their global HR leadership against identified corporate Key Behaviors leading into a global HR retreat. The corporate HR Leadership has been working for a number of years to instill a set of Key Behaviors into its’ global leadership team which was spread across twelve regional territories. Each territory had its’ own unique business culture leading to differing interpretations of the Key Behaviors.

The HR Leadership wanted to conduct a global 180° survey to all of their key global leaders. In order to ensure truthful and candid responses, the firm needed a trusted third party to manage the survey creation, data collection, analysis and to provide collective recommendations based on their findings.

The Solution

Intellilink developed a global 180° survey and deployed a Participate Management Plan to maximize the response rate to the survey.

Survey Creation

Intellilink developed a comprehensive survey focusing on the Key Behaviors. The survey was developed utilizing technology internal to the client as part of the effort to maximize user participation and to avoid introducing new technologies that could impede user participation.

The individual territories conducted business in a number of different languages, with English as the standard for corporate communication. The survey was deployed in single language (English), but support was available in multiple languages.

Participant Management Plan

A Participant Management Plan ensured timely and thorough completion of the survey to maximize the response rate. The Participant Management Plan laid out the steps including reminders, messages and incentives to encourage a strong response rate. Weekly status meetings were conducted with senior management to coordinate executive messages and reminders to the participating staff. Because of the finite pool of participants and the 180°-degree nature of the survey, each participant was instrumental to conducting a successful survey and generating meaningful results and recommendations.

Analysis and Recommendations

The final analysis included baseline averages, distributions and ranges across the organization and territories for each question in the survey. Comparisons were presented by individual territories against the overall organization baseline highlighting the top 5 strengths and weaknesses of each territory.

A similar exercise was conducted for individual leaders comparing their scores against the baseline averages, distributions and ranges for their territory and the overall corporation. Each leader was presented with their top 5 strengths and weaknesses.

Recommendations were developed for each key behavior at both a corporate and individual level to offer actionable initiatives, projects, activities or learning experiences to enhance strengths or address weaknesses.