Case Study: Define Roadmap to Improve Recruiting Organization, Processes and Systems

Client: Global Financial Services Firm

Function: HR Department

Project: Define Roadmap to Improve Recruiting Organization, Processes and Systems

Recruiting Process Definition

As a follow-up task to an HR Effectiveness study conducted by Intellilink, a global financial services firm with approximately 2500 staff, wanted to further assess its recruitment department. The firm and its HR department had grown significantly in the past few years and the firm has plans to add an additional 500 staff to their organization within the next 3 years. The Recruitment department was formed approximately one and a half years prior to the assessment and had significant turnover in leadership and staff throughout its existence. Highlighted during a customer survey of HR, Recruitment was one of HR functions in need of improvements according to customers.

The Solution

Intellilink Solutions delved into the recruiting department’s organization to get a better understanding of its processes, technology used, and recruiter skills. Intellilink reviewed the four types of recruiting at BNPP: professional, campus, executive, and contingent recruiting practices. Based on the in-depth assessment, Intellilink provided the recruiting organization with recommendations for improvement including a roadmap to follow during the next 12 months.

As-Is Process Documentation

The Intellilink team held focus groups for the Professional and Campus Recruiters to determine the current processes. The team then interviewed each of the HR Partners that were responsible for managing executive recruiting to determine those processes and understand how the Professional Recruiters were involved in some of that recruiting process. The team also interviewed the program manager for contingent recruiting. The focus groups and interviews also served the purpose to gather information on roles and responsibilities and interactions between the recruiting staff, HR Partners, and their customers. As a result of the focus groups and interviews, Intellilink developed a Recruiting Procedures Manual of the current processes within each area of recruiting.

Recruiting Skills Analysis

Next, the Intellilink team met individually with each recruiting staff member to discuss recruiter skills. Intellilink provided the recruiters with a list of key recruiter skills to review and discuss. Based on the as-is process documentation and the review of key recruiting skills, Intellilink drafted updated job descriptions for all recruiting roles to ensure qualified candidates would be found to fill open recruiter positions.


The Intellilink team developed various recommendations based on the key findings during the recruiting assessment. Key recommendations fell into four distinct categories: clarify roles and responsibilities, streamline processes, leverage technology, and communicate recruiting capabilities. Recommendations were developed into a distinct roadmap for implementation identifying where senior leadership in HR would need to play an important role in moving tasks forward within the roadmap. The roadmap also highlighted the intended future state within process, organizational, and technology tasks in which recruiting would become a better functioning part of HR.