Case Study: Develop Contract Management Solution

Overall Project Mission

The compensation department of a major entertainment company required a solution to manage the employment contracts for creative talent within their organization. Historically, they had worked with hard copies of the contracts, tracking contract terms in Excel spreadsheets and manually generating monthly reports for executive management and their HR teams. By implementing a solution that facilitated proactive contract management, the compensation team would be able to more efficiently monitor contract terms and manage contract renewals, thereby improving their ability to retain the top-level creative talent required to keep their organization both competitive and successful.

The Challenge

The compensation department presented us with a variety of challenges.

  • No standardization of contract format; therefore, the system needed the flexibility to capture a multitude of variations of – currencies, bonus structures, perquisites, salary increases, unusual contract language, etc.
  • Reports lacked continuity and report generation was labor intensive
  • Contract data was maintained in spreadsheets, which made it challenging to share data within the team
  • No source for salary history; compensation history had to be manually gathered for each report

The Solution

The client needed an easy-to-use solution to facilitate data entry, tracking and maintenance and report generation. A Microsoft Access Database was developed to manage and store all employee contracts. The application consisted of four major functional components:

  1. A central, relational database for storing contract data
  2. A user interface to maintain/view employee contracts
  3. An import tool to update HRIS and compensation history data on an as needed basis
  4. Redesigned, automated reports using real-time data that could be run based on parameters selected by the userIntellilink worked closely with the client to develop the solution. After a requirements gathering session, we conducted semi-weekly working sessions to review screen mock ups, report designs and system functionality as they were being developed. This approach allowed us to immediately incorporate changes during the development process and gave our client a sense of how the system would function when completed. This database provided the team with a single source of contract terms, compensation history, future compensation guarantees and key HRIS data, while the automated reports allowed them to shift their focus from report creation to data analysis and thereby provide greater value to the organization. The solution has also set a foundation for future development that will eventually incorporate the needs of the legal department and the HR teams, allowing the organization to manage the full contract lifecycle in a single system.