Case Study: Redesign Learning and Development Processes

Client: Global Financial Services Firm

Function: HR Department

Project: Redesign Learning and Development Processes

Project Mission

A global financial services firm’s North American Learning & Development team was struggling to meet customer demand for training services. After requesting additional headcount and technical systems to aid in both providing additional services and managing operational tasks, senior HR management asked Intellilink to assess the Team’s workload and make recommendations regarding headcount staffing, technology usage, and improved business processes.


A number of factors were preventing the team from working more productively, and only one was within its immediate control. The manual record keeping of course attendance, costs, and staff time negatively impacted the lines of business’ financials and budgeting, employee professional development, and the team’s own project management and vendor management capabilities. Training requests could not be prioritized due to a lack of guidance from Senior Management. In addition, the impending implementation of a Learning Management System would temporarily disrupt both current and revised workflows.


The first step involved interviewing the Learning & Development team to identify the current processes for training management. The Learning and Development Team completed activity tracking logs in order to determine how the staff currently spends its time, noting where efficiencies would be gained once the Learning Management System and improved processes were in place. This provided enough data to create to-be processes that represented a more streamlined workflow, developed in conjunction with recommendations regarding how the staff manages training and policies that would support the new workflow.

In addition, Intellilink created an invoice log to track and communicate training costs to HR Finance, job descriptions to better align the resources with the skills required for each role, and guidelines for engaging HR Partners in the professional development process.