IT Governance Excellence

IT Governance Excellence “I need to ensure that IT adds value to the business. How can I be sure that my IT department is doing what the business needs?”

The problem: IT hasn’t always delivered what the business wants.

Often, technology investments were made for technology’s sake, not for the benefit of the business. Now, IT departments are being challenged to ensure that investments are aligned with business strategies, and will deliver long-term effectiveness and value.

The solution: IT Governance Excellence enables organizations to gain control over their IT investments.

Our IT Governance Excellence offering can be adjusted to meet your needs. It can start with an assessment of current operations to identify key issues, and then develop a vision for the future operation of your IT governance capability. This can progress into a design phase that defines detailed roles and responsibilities, and redesigns business processes. Finally, if required, a technology solution can be introduced to improve automation and efficiency. Expert change management skills will be needed throughout to ensure that the complex people issues encountered with IT governance are identified and managed to ensure successful adoption of change.

We strongly believe that IT governance is both a business and IT initiative. As a result, it not only requires senior management support, but also ownership and involvement of business unit managers outside of IT. Third-party facilitation skills can play an important role here by bringing two often conflicting views of the worth of IT together.

Ultimately, the valuable contribution of IT to a company depends on keeping IT expenditure aligned with business goals and objectives. IT Governance Excellence will deliver the changes to your business to ensure that every IT investment measures up in its ability to support overall business objectives.

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