Marketing Departments

“I need to run Marketing as a value center.”

Marketing departments are under increased pressure to demonstrate their contribution to the organization’s overall performance.  This has come about in part because of new corporate governance rules that hold executives to higher levels of accountability.  Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) is a key metric but other factors also come into play, like customer satisfaction and internal responsiveness to sales and brand management.

Intellilink offers several targeted solutions that help marketing organizations become more effective: solutions that allow the department to take a fresh look at how it develops, uses and manages content, to achieve better visibility into the future needs of the brand and product managers who drive revenue, and to create more effective ways to produce marketing materials.  In short, new ways of working that can help the department position itself to deliver value.

Intellilink’s solutions for Marketing are intended to improve overall effectiveness through process redesign, adoption of new technology and organizational change management.

When the Marketing Department operates in a more predictable way, it can:

  • Reduce project cycle times by refining workflows
  • Better integrate agencies and suppliers into the planning cycle
  • Target cost reductions of up to 10%
  • Improve employee “quality of work life” by reducing the number of last minute “fire drills”
  • Optimize use of resources – internal, freelance and agency

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