Finance Departments

“I need my finance department to create value for the whole organization.”

Finance departments are under increased scrutiny. Not only do they have to deliver traditional value to stakeholders but a dynamic outlook is needed for them to give leadership critical business information stemming from a robust and proactive set of processes.

Intellilink offers targeted solutions for Finance departments to gain control over their process, strategy, staff and to be able to articulate to organizational leaders just how objectives are being met and how performance may be improved.

Intellilink’s offerings for Finance departments focus on improving long-term operational efficiency and control, and include Project Finance Management and Enterprise Project Management. Each can be implemented in part or in full, starting with an in-depth assessment of current operations, reengineering of business processes to support organizational needs, and the deployment of technology solutions to improve automation and efficiency as needed. Intellilink also offers experienced change management and facilitation skills to ensure the seamless integration of change not only within Finance, but across the entire organization.

With solutions from Intellilink, Finance departments can:

  • Ensure that Finance is adding value to the organization as a whole
  • Improve Finance governance and portfolio management
  • Gain more visibility into Finance processes and spending
  • Set up a Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Improve project management skills and processes

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