Finance Departments

“I need my finance department to do more with less.”

Finance departments are under pressure to deliver better service while reducing the cost of their operations. Not only do they have to deliver traditional value to stakeholders but a dynamic outlook is needed for them to give leadership critical business information stemming from a robust and proactive set of processes.

Intellilink’s offerings for Finance departments focus on improving operational efficiency while maintaining a robust control environment. Solutions may include standardizing & automating business processes, setting up a shared service center or even outsourcing certain functions. We typically start with an in-depth assessment of current operations with a focus on organization processes & systems. This assessment not only helps determine the best solution but also identifies implementation challenges. Intellilink offers experienced project management, change management & facilitation skills to ensure the project stays on track and new ways of working are adopted. not only within Finance but also across the entire organization.

With solutions from Intellilink, Finance departments can:

  • Streamline & standardize business processes
  • Reduce the cost of Finance operations
  • Free up time to focus on analysis & value added activities

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