Professional Service Organizations

“I need to automate our internal operations.”

Driven by ever-changing client demands, professional service organizations need automation and efficiency to improve profitability. Professional services automation (PSA) solutions can help these organizations be more responsive to customer needs and improve the bottom line by establishing, automating, and standardizing on internal processes and controls.

Intellilink combines best practices with deep experience working with a range of PSA technologies to help Professional Service Organizations identify the right solution for their needs – and implement it so that it truly drives effective business change.

With Intellilink, professional service organizations can better understand the project pipeline, identify and manage available resources, and track performance and results – streamlining not only their own internal operations, but customer-facing processes as well. This ensures a seamless connection between what a professional services organization promises, and what it can actually deliver, leveraging the best possible resources and staying both on time and on budget.

Depending on the situation, a number of our specific service offerings may also be appropriate. These include; Talent Management for Success, Project Financial Management, Enterprise Project Management or Business Intelligence for Project Organizations.

With solutions from Intellilink, professional service organizations can:

  • Automate internal business processes
  • Balance project load with resource availability and utilization
  • Understand the value of specific clients and projects to the organization
  • Gain visibility into performance metrics for both clients and employees
  • Improve business intelligence and reporting to improve both short-term project planning and long-term decision making

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