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Enterprise Project Management

“My projects are always running over time and over budget. How can I get better control over my projects, and improve standardization and repeatability?”

The problem: Most IT projects are not effectively controlled.

Delivering projects on time and in budget is a complex task. Small and large organizations alike are faced with the challenge of balancing project demands with tight deadlines, limited resources, cost restrictions, and other pressures.

The solution: Enterprise Project Management improves project control and delivery through effective project planning, resource allocation, status reporting, issue tracking, and more.

Recognizing that successful project delivery is critical to any service organization, Intellilink views project management as a core competence that these organizations must posses.

Intellilink works closely with clients to assess their existing project management processes, and then design and roll out new methodologies to replace or refine what’s already in place. These new procedures need to be carefully designed to ensure that they meet the exact needs of your organization. Certainly, greater consistency can be achieved through standardized processes and methodologies. However, this will also result in reduced flexibility. The appropriate mix needs to be selected for your organization.

A central part of Enterprise Project Management is the development of a project management office (PMO) to improve project planning, streamline resource allocation, and, most importantly, share knowledge across the organization. By assessing individual projects within the context of the entire organization, the PMO can better understand cross-project dependencies and priorities, determine long-term resource needs, and anticipate obstacles and delays before they occur. As each project progresses, it can also offer a centralized view of tasks, status, timing, issues, performance, quality, and more to ensure sustained success.

Whether the solution is low-tech, such as generating project plan and resource templates, or high-tech such as rolling out an organization wide project management solution – Enterprise Project Management will provide the project management capabilities you need to improve project control and delivery.

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