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Workforce Solutions for HR

“I know technology can help us streamline our HR processes but our large enterprise solution doesn’t meet all of our specific needs. How can I find custom solutions that can be deployed quickly and effectively to support our day-to-day activities?”

The problem: Large enterprise HR solutions often do not meet the specific workforce management needs of most organizations.

Several enterprise software packages are available to automate many of the processes within a HR department. Yet while virtually all HR departments face a similar challenge – the need to automate highly manual, paper-intensive processes – they also must be responsive to the specific workforce and talent management issues of their organization. If an organization’s workforce is a source of competitive advantage, then it is highly unlikely that a “one size fits all” solution will effectively leverage this capability. To further complicate matters, most HR teams have limited funds to invest in technology – putting extensive customization of enterprise systems out of reach.

The solution: Workforce Solutions for HR provides a highly cost effective means for automating the unique workforce management practices of your organization.

HR departments with specific human capital needs can benefit most from the deployment of custom solutions that are designed to address the exact day-to-day needs of a specific business process or practice. Our Workforce Solution for HR offering blends best practices and methodologies with a rapid application development capability to create custom solutions that can automate a range of specific HR processes in a matter of weeks.

Our approach emphasizes a view of HR as a strategic, central part of the organization. Today’s leading HR departments have evolved to be more than just benefits processing centers; they often play an integral role in compensation, contract management, performance management, and more. Yet since many of these processes are specific to the organization, they are typically not supported by the organization’s large enterprise HR system – and so, are often paper-based with information tracked in spreadsheets and paper documents. Managing this information is a labor-intensive, error-prone process that makes it is difficult to maintain quality.

Workforce Solutions for HR starts by documenting the steps and associated business rules for each particular process. Once the process has been effectively captured, the application is developed and deployed to conform to a HR department’s time and budgetary restrictions. Ultimately, a customized and easy-to-deploy solution will be created that will automate an existing manual process and deliver significant return on investment.

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